12 Hottest Gold Nail Design Trends For 2019

If you still have time to keep up to date with the latest nail trends: eye-catching embellishments, subtle nudes, metallic finishes and glittering golden nails design, this is the time! Seasonal nail trends come and go, but there's always an opportunity for everyone to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. Instead of opting for art designs for more predictable and neutral nails, try to thicken your inspirations with fun and unique designs that you can make right from home. Let yourself be inspired by these looks that will cover your nails all year long.

But first, let's talk about how golden nails are in fashion! The evolution of nail art has grown considerably with prominent fashion icons, shaded manicures, colorful geometric patterns and rhinestone decorations. The choice of color is the most difficult decision for your next stunning manicure. Golden Nail Polish is an obvious choice to find a color for your nails, whether for a special occasion or for everyday use. Why? Well, there are a multitude of versatile gold grades. A subtle golden glow is soft and sophisticated and goes perfectly with any outfit. A very shiny metallic gold is ideal for nails or for layering. You can choose a stylish pink gold for a classic look or a notch with sparkling French gold spikes. The possibilities are limitless.

I also like how golden nails can look both feminine and edgy. There is really no rule when it comes to polishing gold. Do not limit yourself to wearing gold only during holidays, but only for security reasons. It is really a color that will give you an elegant and elegant look throughout the year. Are you ready to discover the hottest nail trends of the year? Take out your best nail tools and try these trendy gold ideas!

1- Accessorize Your Nails with a Gold Foil Manicure

Improve your nails this season with beautiful golden nails adorned with black polish, gold leaf and golden decorations. This manicure makes such a statement with mixed designs and studded details. The sheets for nails come in a variety of colors and can be used on all of your nail or cut into pieces and placed individually.

2- Lust-Worthy Minimalist Nail Trend

Naked nails never go out of style. The simplicity of this manicure is so timeless with a neutral nail polish and an accent accented edge. This minimalist accent with textured design, similar to a sweater, is a glamorous statement to wear on any occasion. It's such a sophisticated nail design that anyone can remove.

3- Elegant Rose Gold Nail Design

Just like a beautiful diamond necklace or a beautiful pair of earrings gives us a sense of elegance, you can now add dimension to your nails with classic embellishments for an elegant look. It's the perfect manicure for a special event such as a wedding, ceremony or celebration. The sequins and ornaments in rose gold are eye-catching and so royal.

4- Trendy Romantic Rose Accent Nails

Gold goes well with so many colors, but my favorite combination is with shades of red. This white polish with rose details really gives life to your nails. Brightness and golden details add dimension and style to your mixed manicure. This trendy look is both romantic and fashionable.

5- Dashing White and Gold Elegant Manicure

Make your manicure shine with a white and golden nail design. The white and golden nails are glamorous and this manicure, in particular, is so elegant with lace-like details, golden tips and sparkling brilliants. The design technique is very unique, bold and avant-garde. Wear this seductive manicure for a special occasion or a fun evening.

6- Awesome Henna Tattoo Inspired Nail Art

From festivals to fashion shows, henna tattoo shows everywhere. These complex designs are wonderful and now look on our fingernails. This unique art of henna and unique of its kind is simply stunning! Polished stainless gloss with black henna art and golden accents are truly unbelievable. This shoe was created with henna nail stickers, shiny golden luster, golden decorations, and matte polishing with rust color.

7- Subtle, Yet Sophisticated Gold Foil Manicure

The pale pink and golden color is a sleek and sophisticated combination of colors. This brilliant and innovative gold foil technology is not essential. This manic is characterized by eye-catching golden nail art with foil, luster and fine lines to create a distinctive feminine texture and gorgeous. Whether you are attending a wedding or a normal day at work, this is a very nice manicure on any occasion.

8- Edgy Matte Gold Foil Nail Design

Non-glossy nails have been famous in the last few years. Unlike traditional nail polish, the glossy black paint has no gloss and gives your nails a sexy look. The chips are a complicated art design for the nails that provides this brilliant worker and this manicure does just that. It's a simple and easy way to make Manikirk ordinary more interesting.

9- Currently Crushing on Minimalist Nail Art

While some nail art features boldness, sound and expression, simple designs are more complex with negative space and attention to detail. This French edge in black is elegant and exquisite with gold foil set as a sculptor. This is a mixture design of this minimum, however still makes the statement.

10- Simple Mixed Media Manicure DIY

Do you remember wearing different color paints on each nail back in middle school? Fortunately, the trend of nail has become popular lately with many different styles worn at one time. The alternating colors on each finger accentuate your character and style in a fun way. The simple pink and gold colors combined with a traditional French tip are easy manicure you can do at home.

11- A Touch of Glitter Goes a Long Way

The red and gold pins were made for each other. This color combination gives your nails an elegant and elegant look that is elegant and elegant. The glittering gold nail and gold point is simple, but really makes your manicure pop. This golden nail design is easy to reach from home with minimal effort!

12- Feel Glamorous & Luxe with a Metallic Accent

If you are looking for a warm and charming manicure, the touch of gold is a classic choice. Make stunning nail polish at home with a shiny gold coating and associate it with a naked nude. This stylish look can be the perfect choice for almost any occasion.

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