15 Best Red Nail Designs in 2019

So, how do you choose the right red nail designs? With the basic red pins, there are two questions you need to ask yourself. The first is "What's the Red Shadow?" Red comes in a lot of different tones. Red bright cherry is great for summer and holidays. The dark red wine and oxblood are good for exciting effects such as formal events and winter nail polish.

The second question is "How long?" A short red manicure lets you go on a Saturday stroll without worrying about how to work with frisbee. A long dagger manicure is perfect for your front row tickets for the year party. The nail-shaped coffin is trendy, but the red caller helps him to move from day to night.

This is just a pure red. When you begin to add nail art designs, the red color becomes more versatile. The color nails look great with a touch of white. The luster and red are absolutely made for each other. The red and gold color gives you a beautiful, vibrant look that you can not get with many other colors. There are a lot of different nail designs.

Are you addicted? (We.) Do you need nail ideas? We have developed a list of 15 of our favorite nails to help you get a little inspiration. There are all kinds of manicure and nails perfect for you to spring along the way through the holidays. Let's find the idea of ​​nail polish coming.

Red acrylic nails with a set of gold

Simple classic red nails get a luxurious upgrade with this nail art design. Paint half the moons at the base of the nail with gold plating. Choose one with a small glossy finish of small grains. Moves from the meeting room to the dance floor without problems. Make it medium for impact.

Sporty pink, white, and red nails

Remember those magnificent college jackets of the 1950s? Girls go to class with flouncy pony tail and high style? These nails remember the era of high-fashion sports and preppyence innocence. Use a glossy red coat with pink and white lines, just like jackets for middle school. Athletic and fun.

Classic Red Long Acrylic Nail

Every famous and elegant woman from Marilyn Monroe to Megan Markle has placed a long red nail sometime in her public appearance. It is the final nail style, which suits any scenario, any clothes, any mood. Go to the next level by offering tips to the point of fashion and drama costumes.

Long acrylic nails with high gloss

Similar to the classic style above, but with a modern touch. Long acrylic square nails go back to fashion, a nail design stop. It is a traditional acrylic nail design with update. Bonus tip: The longer the length of the nail, the greater the trend.

Mid-level Square High gloss nail design

These classic red nails still mimic the punch because of their bright gloss and bright red. They benefit from the direction of acrylic nail box without going too far. It's a little more buttoned up without surrendering to the man altogether.

Chunky red luster and short nails

You have a short traditional red nail, but you need something more successful. Paint half the nails with your pet's red and the other half with a neutral or clear coat. On the top of the coat is clear, use a combination of small and chunky luster on the tips for an eye-catching surprise.

Gold leaf olive crown - greek inspired red

This design is another simple appearance without snoring. Classic medium-length nails get a little color on the shiny nail. Grease olive oil coating on the ring nail with solid golden coating or coating. Keep the very minimal, just like the golden Athena crown. No fuss. All style.

Unique Red Rivets Ballerina - Go Big or Back Home

High drama requires bold choices. There is a time and place for short nails, this time not. Longer long nail box completes gloss, red cherry. It's not for the faint of heart. This style is excellent for all your jeweled jewelry, black leather, and high-heeled styles. Be bold.

Ultra-Red Brothers in red oval

Red nails can also be sweet. These medium-length round nails bring you these classic cocktail dresses. She looks like Marilyn's white dress, cute and innocent but with a sexy taste. Do not get the best of a classic red manicure. He does not

Burberry inspired long-pointed nail designer

The classic Burberry look is repeated in a distinctive silhouette of fashion. Use long red nails as a perfect look for a Burberry tweed-inspired look. Use the base of bright red natural almonds with black and white lines. Super super cashmere scarf of manicure designs.

Very long red coffin nails

The direction of the nail coffin will not go anywhere. Take it to the limit with this very long manicure. Red provides an ideal base for bold design selection. She got a sense of bold Paula Abdul. Wear with some golden tones to give a touch of fun on the weekend or go as far as possible for a black tie.

Cool red nails with gold skin

Take a classic, short red nail and tie it through the heart of a French manicure. Use a very bright golden coating to get the shape of a half moon at the base of the nail. If you're wearing a stackable ring, it looks like another jewelry or adds some rich touches to your bare fingers.

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