15 Trending Fall Nail Designs 2019

There are usually four seasons depending on where you live in this wonderful world. It would be spring, summer, autumn and winter. Now all these seasons offer us something special, but one of our favorite seasons should be autumn.

Autumn is when the weather starts to cool, making it easier to be comfortable and cozy. You wear pretty boots at this stage and you do not have to worry about always having a new pedicure at any time. Relief.

However, this allows you to focus more on your nails. That's why we found the best autumn nails for 2019! Please be motivated and inspired by 15 fall claw patterns below!

A shade of nude and flattering nail polish

A light peach neutral nail polish instantly releases this sophisticated and sophisticated look without even putting in too much effort. It's a color so practical to always have on hand, because you can wear almost anything and your natural nails will complete the look. It's the perfect shade for any event, season or vacation, no matter how casual or formal it is.

The world famous French manicure

Everyone loves a simple feminine and elegant French manicure. This beautiful look was inspired by the French ladies of the Parisian upper middle class of the 1930s who wanted a natural and clean look. It's such a sophisticated style that you can get a translucent pink or beige base color and white for spikes. French manicure is the paradigm of glamorous nails.

DIY natural embellished and chic

This dazzling and super cool nail art trend is a must! There are different ways to add a luxurious appearance to your nails, but these embellished jewels are the perfect accessory for nails, not to say completely stunning. To get this look, start by painting your nails with a natural color, then complete it by adding gems embellished with nail glue and a nail art tape / sticker. You can find these embellishments and stickers at any retailer near you. This look is very easy to do at home!

A manicure with a glossy gel finish at home

When you want to make your high-gloss gel manicure from home, look for a nail polish containing 7 amazing products: a basecoat, a booster, a color, a gelatinous finish (no lamp), a shine, a top coat and protection . This natural natural nail design features a French tip and a pearl-colored coat for a gorgeous, glamorous look.

Simple accent nail with studded details

When the clear coat is not cut, add a small nail polish to your nude nail polish. These studded rhinestones designed for nail art will add dimension and texture to your nails. When you want to keep a natural look of your nails, the general rule to follow is to use these embellishments on an accent finger.

The It-Girl color for all seasons

A clean, white nail polish looks fresh and airy in the summer and elegant in the winter. White nails are perfect for any occasion whether it's for work or a night out in the city. So many celebrities have been spotted on the red carpet this year, wearing a new layer of white lacquer, which make it a basic accessory for use throughout the year.

Textured nail art in your favorite patterns

Take your manicure to the next dimension with an extra texture this season. You play not only with the texture of your natural nails, but you can also style them according to your favorite shapes and patterns. This nude blush is the perfect color to add to the pink textured pattern.

Go bare with a basic coat

The application of a basic nail strengthening agent has many advantages. It is a perfect product for fragile nails because it prevents breakage while providing the necessary nutrients for the growth of your nails. For best results, apply a basic nail strengthening agent a few times a week and with each new manicure as a base coat. What I like most is that this simple base layer can be worn alone for a more natural nail idea or under your favorite nail polish.

Trends Ombré Nails Easy Everyone loves

This idea of ​​natural shaded white and pink nail is easier to achieve than one might think. It's a classic, a new interpretation of the traditional French manicure. To get that look from home, just paint your nails with a soft pink and let them dry. Place a small amount of white nail polish on a make-up sponge and simply sponge on the tips to get that shaded finish.

Naughty and feminine for all skin tones

Provide endless wear and longevity with this gel nail polish. The soft blend of gray and white makes it the perfect choice for those looking for feminine and natural nails. The benefits of using gel polish are its longevity, increased protection, fast drying and the natural look of natural nails, as they are applied in thin layers, which allows them to bend and flex easily.......

Keep it natural with pale roses

Although glossy polishes are fashionable, there is a clear pink polish that makes us come back all year. This pale pink color is so clean, timeless and the closest thing to natural nails. There are literally hundreds of soft roses on the market in a variety of shades, so finding the perfect one for your complexion will not be difficult.

A minimalist French board for all occasions

This minimalist approach to French manicure is known as the French manicure. It is a manicure so elegant and easy to wear that can be worn casually for everyday activities or glamorous for a wedding or special event. Easily get this look with a layer of nude varnish and slip a thin brush towards the ends.

Modern Meets Feminine with this idea of ​​natural nail

If you're looking for a manicure that always has style, try a nude nail polish. A naked manicure looks lively, elegant, feminine and neat, and the fact that they are barely noticeable is a considerable advantage. The key to choosing the perfect neutral shade is to have a lighter shade than your complexion. This will help brighten up your hands too.

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