Make Up Trends You Must Try in 2019

Beauty and make-up ideas have always been strongly influenced by fluctuations in trends. With the rise of social media sites such as Instagram, appearance and inspiration are becoming more accessible to more people than ever before. People are now able to share their stunning makeup looks with the world, inspiring makeup enthusiasts. These ideas and makeup styles have become increasingly popular, creating trends never before seen and bringing beauty to a whole new level.

1- Cat Eye With A Twist

A bold and dramatic cat eye is paired with a subtle golden shadow to add sparkle to this timeless look. Describing gold with a delicate line of black creates a unique and beautiful version of a classic look.

2- Subtle Smoke

The classic cat eye is associated with soft, neutral shadows that darken in the crease of the eye to add dimension. The addition of the dark brown shade to the line of the lower lashes brings the eye closer.

3- Purple Haze

The bold royal purple is the star of this colorful and fleshy look that also features spectacular eyelashes. A hint of shimmer in the interior corner illuminates the entire look, making it both glamorous and playful.

4- Rosy Cat Eye

The shade of pink adds a touch to the classic look of a cat's eye, creating softness and warmth. Pink is a good choice for anyone who wants to add a subtle color without keeping it neutral.

5- Purple Rain

This daring smokey eye uses a purple shadow and a contrasting marine liner with shiny silver under the line of lower lashes. This is a dramatic twist on a classic smokey eye that is an absolute treat to watch.

6- Sunset Smoke

This beautiful and colorful look features violets, magenta and oranges mixed to evoke a coastal sunset. The marine lining adds a sophisticated touch without harming brilliant colors.

7- Timeless Beauty

The classic cat eye is enhanced by the use of subtle shadows in the crease of the eyelid. The cat's eye is a beautiful look that lengthens the eye and can highlight the natural shape of anyone's eye.

8- Dreamy Lavender

Subtle shades of lavender combine with golds of peace to create a sweet and sweet look without being too daring. The black of the cat's eye contrasts beautifully with the subtle color, creating an effortless look.

9- Classic and Bold

A classic cat eye associated with subtle neutral shadows adds a layer of dimension to this look without complicating it. The dramatic eyelashes add a level of daring while the subtlety of shadows makes this makeup ready for any look.

10- Shimmering Blue and Gold

The colors of this look contrast beautifully and create a beautiful shimmering effect. The shiny gold in the center of the lower eyelid brings the whole look together, creating a stunning mirror effect.

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