11 Best Makeup For Almond Eyes

It is true that there is no such thing as global make-up because there are certain types of make-up that suit certain facial shapes, skin tones, and eye shapes. Today we will talk about the best eye makeup suitable for eye almonds and in the case of your eye shape you should dive better and discover new prospects for makeup!

Smudge Bold Eyeliner Makeup Idea

Playing with kohl is not easy because it takes time and precision to master it. However, the best advice for almond eyes will be to follow the surroundings of your eyes. Select the angle of the eye at the top and repeat the same thing at the bottom, but the tip of the feed is a little bit, the outline does not have to be exactly accurate all the time. Highlight the inner corners and water grid to make your eyes stand out more. Check!

Bold Eyeliner Eyes Makeup

Adding a more intense and bolder eyeliner to your makeup is a great idea especially if you are the owner of the toned eyes. However, there is one thing to keep in mind; you should always rely on the size of your eyes so as not to exceed the edge by thickening. In addition, you should keep in mind that a thick eyeliner is mostly suitable for the night

Simple makeup for almond eyes with Eiliner

In case you are looking for a daytime makeup option, we have an idea about you. Just like a thick eyeliner fits at night, so thin lining fit the day. You can even add some Neutral Neutral Eye Shades to upgrade the appearance of the liner. It's always easy to make your eyes prominent with the help of a liner!

Makeup eyeliner yellow eye Almond

It is true that the winged eyeliner appears to have been invented to form almond eye. However, when you are bored of a regular black lining, it is time to experience. As you can see, adding a yellow winged wing to your look gives you the extra spice necessary. Try it, you will not regret it!

Double winged pink eyeliner for almond eye

When one liner is not enough, you can always provide more. For example, the combination of the high black and gray lines at the top seems both wonderful and unusual. Besides this outlook is not very bold even when heading to the office or interview.

Makeup festive eyes with green eyeliner

There is no doubt that the holiday makeup must be distinctive, so when you do not have to restrain yourself and go to creativity with your makeup as you like. For example, glossy green color complemented each other's copper shades perfectly and leads to a wonderful festive makeup. See for yourself!

Drama-specific eyes

Precision is essential during eye makeup especially when talking about eyeliner. This is why we advise you to take your time and start with the outline of the ideal winged eye as described in the tutorial, then fill it slowly, and finish looking down with the bottom line stained.

Lessons as a neat solution

The upper lashes line is the best guide when working on a stylish eyeliner look. The thing is that the eyes of almonds and kohl go hand in hand and that will make your task much easier. While working on the classic liner look, make sure that the line you're creating is not too thick or thin in the middle, and you'll create a masterpiece!

Lessons for a cat

The appearance of a cat's eye is the make-up type that makes your eyes appear prominently. If this is your basic intention, follow the steps outlined in the tutorial and you will definitely get a great result. One more thing, the trick is to start at the corner of your eye and then proceed to the middle of your top cover, then just outline the inner corners..

Makeup For Almond Eyes:

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