Even though it sounds incredible, short hairstyles for round faces are acceptable. If your face is round, you're probably used to hiding that shape instead of highlighting it. Now you can stop worrying about this because some hairstyles can visually lengthen your round face.

Short asymmetric bob

Finding short hairstyles for round faces and thick hair can be a little more complicated than it seems. The fact is that the volume given by thick hair can interfere a little with the shape of the face. That's why the asymmetrical bob is your best way out. The fact is that asymmetry works well with a round shape and adds the necessary angles to your face. When it comes to dyeing, we suggest you cultivate your dark roots. First of all, it's very trendy right now and it will help you to easily maintain such a hairstyle. As you can see, there are only the advantages to getting such a cut combined with such a dyeing technique!

Pixie Blonde Extra Short

The super short haircuts for round faces are chosen by those who like to stand out and be fashionable at the same time. The fact is that even very short hair with a layered haircut will look fabulous and elegant. To avoid unnecessary maintenance, you can add shaved sides to your style. However, it is important to play a little with the bangs, because it is this detail that helps you to properly manage the shape of the round face. A look at this picture and you will admit that even the shortcuts can be super feminine.

Bob Inverted Blonde

Adapting short hair with rounded faces is not the easiest thing to do, but every experienced professional will do the job more easily if you have some useful information. The problem is that this blonde haircut is very popular nowadays, whatever the shape of the face, but with a round face, you have to be more careful not to spoil the look in general. That's why you should ask your stylist for a superimposed bob, longer at the front and shorter at the back. Plus, adding lightweight layers and a side-scan fringe will only do you good, keep that in mind!

Bob messy

Very often, those with wavy hair complain about being limited in the range of options to play. We say that it is nonsense; all you need to take into account is the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. Once you understand these two details, the rest becomes easier than easy. For example, the combo short hair and waves with rounded face is an assassin. Messy blonde bob with lots of diapers is a great option, to start. In addition, you can wear such a hairstyle both wavy and straightened without the effect worsens. Try it and you will not regret it!

Blond Bob with blunt end

There are short haircut ideas that seem to have been created for round faces. However, they come with a trick, and you must know it and keep it as long as you wear such a haircut. In fact, it all depends on the blunt ends, they are slightly bent, which gives the impression that your jaw is a little sharper than it really is, and that's exactly the thing that those with their faces round need. When it comes to coloring, keep in mind that blond hair is always at the top of its popularity. However, a blond sweep can also integrate.

Funky Short Hairstyle

It may not be very easy to adjust a goblin cut for a round face, unless it's a bunny goblin. Also, keep in mind that too short may not be an option for you, so you should not be afraid to leave your hair a little longer when you opt for a layered goblin. For the rest, a disheveled look out of bed and a platinum hair color go perfectly together.

Female curls with a blue accent

Short and curly hairstyles for round faces are plentiful as there is virtually nothing else that works better with round faces than some female curls. That's why we suggest you try this curly loop. You do not need to create an intriguing color, because the blonde hue is never outdated. However, introducing a blue accent will give your hairstyle that extra spice. In addition, the loops are always this feminine detail that makes many men mad, take it into account!

Shaggy Bob with a bangs on the front garnished

There are really hairstyles that do not seem out of date, and this is due to their ability to compliment round faces like no other. Among these flattering short hairstyles for round faces and thin hair, a bob shaggy haircut with bangs deserves this particular attention. The problem is that the cut frontal fringe creates the illusion of a slender face and is something that most round-faced women appreciate more than anything. In addition, adding layers will add the volume needed for your hair, or you will easily remove the volume if you own thick hair. Either way, it's a winning haircut!

Bold Pixie With Swept Bangs

Edgy short hairstyles for round-faced women tend to be overlooked at times, as round faces and short cuts are considered not to fit very well. However, as usual, we have a way of escaping hidden in our sleeve, if the sacred dream is a bold goblin. The key point with regards to goblin cuts for round faces is to keep things as sharp as possible so that all necessary angles are granted. Sweeping bangs aside is the best option here, and you can easily determine it yourself by looking at this fashionable example.

Simple chin length

Those of you who still want to look stylish and stylish without going too far with the haircut will surely appreciate this blonde bob for the idea of ​​straight hair. With such an elegant haircut, you'll always look trendy and feminine, no matter where you're going, regardless of the shape of your round face that will also be taken care of. In addition, nothing is easier than wearing a cap to the length of the chin!


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