20 Amazing Chevron Pattern Design Nails

The chevron style is often used for nail design because it is beautiful and simple and works at any occasion. In essence, chevron-shaped printing is a series of V-shaped lines in an inverse form. This print is similar to a zigzag printing. In fact, the difference is. But unlike the zigzag prints, Chevron prints have segments that specify the end and the beginning of each color.

We have already used nail art designs with Chevron prints. But did you know that this edition appeared in about 1800 BC, presumably in ancient Greece? Yes, it is immortal indeed.

Now that the basics are clear, discover some modern nail art ideas with Chevron prints.

How to prepare your nails for the design of Chevron

Nail art Chevron requires some preparation. Otherwise it is unlikely to turn into something wonderful and favor your eyes for a long time. Keep in mind that if you over-hydrate your nails, it will affect the natural balance and lead to nail polish. Therefore, if your skin is dry, it is best to use a first layer even if nail art needs two layers.

When preparing for your manicure, do not forget to sterilize your hands. Also, remove the old nail polish and all its remains.

Apply exfoliant skin to push your skin. Then wipe with disinfectant and cotton.

Now is the time to prepare for the chemical. You need to dry your nail plates, properly disinfected. How it works? The cleanser removes moisture and oil from the nail board when it is connected. So, it works like some sponge. As a result, leaves a chalky white color. After that the primer will not be handling excess moisture and oils.

Chevron Nail Design: Fun and Easy

When we show you the most common Chevron ideas, we can only mention how to design the nails. It's not complicated at all! Let's discuss the basic difference that can be changed and completed as you want.

  • Paint the second shadow over the label. Leave it for two minutes.
  • Remove this sticker. But do it carefully and not in a hurry. Or you can blur the Chevron nail design.
  • Repeat all these steps with each nail you want to see the pattern.
  • With top coat finish.

Some useful tips for your Chevron nails

Whenever you design nails, expect the result to be durable. And it's not surprising: he spends time and effort, and is too busy to do it every other day. These tips will help you make sure that nail polish does not splinter easily.

Pass the soak. Usually, before a peanut, soak the nails in water. But it will cause the nails to expand. Then, when they dry, they will shrink, causing the lacquer to crack. Then, jump the water bath just before making a peanut. You can do it at another time.

Roll up a bottle of nail varnish. When you shake it to mix the color, infuse the enamel with small air bubbles. Then it leads to splintering. When you need to mix the lacquer, keep the bottle upright and turn it in your hands.

Avoid cuticles If the lacquer touches the cuticles, it will detach faster and remove the lacquer from the nails.

Polish edges. When painting, move the brush forward so that it moves around the edges of the nails to complete the coating. It will add a little more protection to the tips of the nails.

Apply thin layers. Thinner layers dry faster and are stronger than thicker layers. Apply fine lacquer in very thin strokes. You can simply add more layers for smoother and more complete coverage.

Wait between the coats. If you apply another layer on the still wet lacquer, it will come off easily. Wait at least 2 minutes before applying the next layer.

Chevron Pattern Design Nails

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