Trendy Spring Nail Designs For 2019

It's time to take a look at the latest designs of spring nails as spring arrives. Nail art is still as trendy as ever and this year is no exception. There are many new models of hot nails for spring.

Whether you want sophisticated, funky or cute nail designs, you will not be disappointed. And do not worry if you are not an expert in nail painting.

Fortunately, there are many models of easy nails. The nail design for spring goes from pretty pastels to flowers, there is something for everyone!

All girls like to have a particularly feminine look in the spring. Flowers, peas, pastels and neon colors are everywhere. Choose your favorite spring nail pattern, put on your favorite spring outfit and have a picnic in the park with your friends or loved ones!

Marble effect

You may think that marble is extremely difficult, but it's very simple if you have the right tools. You just need two colors of your choice, a dotting tool and a little patience. This look works great with a darker color and a fun pastel for spring!

Chic Geometric Finger Accent

This style is classic and elegant and works best with a simple design in black and white with a touch of bright and playful color. If you're looking for some pretty nail ideas for spring, this may be the one to think about.

Captivating color blocking

This simple manicure has an air of elegance and grace. All you have to do is apply 1 piece of paper peel off each nail, then paint a layer of beautiful spring shade on top. After drying, remove the tape and you get a glamorous nail design for spring!

Delicious Diamond

This simple geometric design will make you feel fabulous with its elegant diamond shape. You can choose two of your favorite spring colors and display this sophisticated design!

Diagonal lines

If you prefer a less glowing nail design, you just need to take a few bold colors diagonally from one corner to the other.

Golden moons

If you want a Midas touch for your nails, simply apply a thin line of shiny metallic polish to the base of your nails, underline the natural shape. Then add a soft pastel shade following the same pattern a little higher. This sleek look is better for longer nails because it tends to make your nail beds look a bit shorter.

Naughty neon

Normally, when you think of neon, the words "delicate" and "feminine" do not necessarily come to your mind. However, you just have to choose two neon shades close together, and this simple geometric design in the middle is subtle and elegant. Neon nails are perfect for those who want to try new bold colors for spring.

Seafoam Leaves

To add some dynamism to your beautiful neon manicure, add a nice accent of leaf to a fingernail of each hand, as well as a swirl or a shot of metallic varnish.

Marble accents

You can easily dress up your standard pastel manikin with a fun marble accent. If you prefer a more subtle look, use neutral shades, but if you want to be bold, add a splash of color.

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