14 Best Shoulder Length Bob Haircuts for 2019

In the event that you have long hair and are considering getting the hack, read our article to get a couple of thoughts of what styles will suit you. Everybody needs some motivation with regards to change. Subsequent to seeing these exquisite mid length bounce haircuts, you'll be racing to the beauticians!

The exemplary shoulder sway has been drifting for a couple of years and it is by all accounts as solid as ever. It's not leaving design at this time, we believe there's more years to come, particularly when big names are choosing this style. At the point when individuals will in general think about the sway, they picture an exhausting style that is limp and has no style at all however these days; the bounce comes in every extraordinary shape and tones.

We see totally that your hair is essential to you and from that underlying bounce, long to shorter hair; it is a major ordeal so you have to pick your hair style carefully. There's no reason for developing your hair for this long to have a trash hair style. You need to feel stunning when you exit the beauticians. The shoulder sway looks great lasting through the year and looks astounding with any outfit, so on the off chance that you have set your heart on joining the shoulder bounce club, you've settled on a decent and drifting choice!

We've picked 14 best mid length sway hairdos for you to envy over. Regardless of whether you're searching for a finished, layered, dark, copper, balayage, featured, muddled, or an ombre style weave, we have them all.


Numerous individuals are yet to know about the balayage hair pattern, a French system that is as of now picking up ubiquity all around the globe. It was built up back in 1970's and individuals are presently starting to like it. It comprises of delicate features and the color is connected contrastingly to the standard featuring strategy. Your beautician will deal with their sense and color the areas they think will look great, so make sure to go to your confided in hair stylist! With this haircut, you need not stress over keeping up your features so frequently and it's a less expensive approach to look great! Immaculate in case you're searching for a characteristic looking style.


Everybody realizes that chaotic hair is the greatest thing at the present time and in the event that you don't have a clue, where have you been? We think the messier the better so scrunch your hair with your hands to make that chaotic, finished shoulder bounce. The best tip to keep up an attractive muddled hair style is to guarantee you deal with your hair by molding and including a hair treatment once in a while. In the event that you do experience the ill effects of dry hair, you can at present go for this style however take care of your hair and it will look astounding. No one needs to see a dry looking muddled haircut!


The ombre look is as yet going solid. The word ombre is French, which implies diverse hues that mix into one another, from light to dull. The roots will in general be darker and from mostly down, the lighter will produce results. A mid length sway with blonde ombre hair looks staggering. Once more, any haircut not colored from the root will spare you cash!


Do you have thick hair? On the off chance that you think medium length hair looks best with more slender hair, reconsider! The great mid length sway looks stunning with all hair types. It's anything but difficult to keep up and sensible so you don't need to worry about it. With having thicker hair, it will sit so charitably and it will dependably have the additional volume.


Do you have thick hair? On the off chance that you think mid length hair looks best with more slender hair, reconsider! The great mid length weave looks astonishing with all hair types. It's anything but difficult to keep up and reasonable so you don't need to worry about it. With having thicker hair, it will sit so benevolently and it will dependably have the additional volume.

In case you're uncertain about ombre or balayage, you can generally select both. It might sound unusual however it's known as the balayage ombre sway. It's delicate and lovely. On the off chance that you feel sure with your beautician, you can generally request more balayage features as they apply by hand. You can set the dimension of how solid you might want this look so the power is all yours!


In the event that you've taken a gander at the above bounces are still not feeling the short hack but rather love the balayage look, we would recommend you have the layered sway however with blonde balayage features. This is a marginally longer weave and when you have become accustomed to this length, perhaps you'll go shorter sometime in the not too distant future. You will at present look popular and chic for this hair style and shading. A layered bounce with blonde balayage features will make you feel certain and hot.


This is the ideal excessively smooth should weave. In case you're searching for a complete change, go for a straight unpolished cut that will stand out enough to be noticed. Beauticians love to trim an unpolished hair style. They must be intense and straight. Having an unpolished trimmed will make your hair look more beneficial and thicker. In the event that you do get exhausted following a couple of months or somewhere in the vicinity, you can twist it for a gentler look. It's a very catwalk prepared style so swagger your stuff young lady!

8. Consumed ORANGE OMBRE

Dim roots look incredible with ombre hair. Ombre doesn't need to be blonde tones, they can be any shading you wish. Consumed orange shade will flaunt your style and restless look. It suits a wide range of hair and has an energetic vibe. Going for the orange shade, will mellow and warm your skin tone.


Is it accurate to say that you are an enthusiast of the caramel inconspicuous shade of blonde and love layers? At that point this is the style for you. It's female and girly. This is a more drawn out adaptation of the exemplary sway, which looks very elegant. In the event that your hair is feeling limp and needs a lift, include layers. They will promptly lift you bolts and you will feel new and changed.

10. Powder BLONDE BOB

Numerous individuals are going for fiery remains blonde. We don't accuse them, it emerges and looks marvelous. Group cinder blonde with a medium length sway cut for a too in vogue look! Be assorted by leaving the powder shading to develop out. Numerous individuals lean toward the developed out look with the root appearing, so don't surge book another hair arrangement right now. Give it a chance to develop.

11. Rough BOB

Move over great sway, the uneven weave is setting out toward gold. This recently well known sway has restyled the great weave however included an advanced bend. Rough closures, clashing materials and lines make this an a la mode sway. With the rough closures comes a crude look. The finished lines will lift and volumise your hair making a flexible look.


This marvelous copper bounce will emit a warm sparkle and in a flash emerges. It's brimming with life, dynamic just as being chic. The copper shades incorporate tones, for example, delicate reddish-brown, ginger and orange. At the point when the light gets these shades, they are amazing. In case you're unsure on the copper tone you'd like, ask your beautician what might suit you. Ensure the shading is a rich and not modest looking.


Uncertain of what bronde is? It's the new term for something in the middle of dark colored and blonde hair. Who might have figured somebody would create a word portraying this. It's the new design in the hair world for 2019. The best tip for this style is to keep a characteristic base shading appearing between. Add a wave to complete the look.

14. Wavy BOB

Normally, wavy hair looks staggering as a sway. It demonstrates sound, fun and vivacious hair so don't tame your twists, let them live! Keep in mind that if you somehow happened to rectify your hair, it will be significantly longer than your wavy sway. You could generally switch between the two styles.

Shoulder Length Bob Haircuts for 2019:

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